Be a Vessel

My Faith has always been very important to me.image
I had no idea what journey I was really on when I signed up for massage school. I just knew I was ready for a new chapter and I thought I would do a little massage on the side of my career I had established in personal training. The truth is that I was honestly in for a complete life change and I had no idea what would lie ahead.


I firmly believe that Massage Therapy has Kept me healthy in many ways.  I have never encountered such huge hearts that are full of compassion during my time as a student. I had no idea that massage therapy would teach me about meeting people exactly where they  are in the moment, holding a space just for them, and just learning to be present on a whole new level.  I have developed the greatest respect and value for this with my past instructors, friends, co workers, and clients bc I believe we can always learn something valuable something from each person. I have had in depth conversations over everything from buddhist monks I witnessed in Thailand to talking about energy and what it means to us as massage therapists. Honestly every interaction and conversation I have had has made me better at what I do. I believe the diversity we see everyday is something that is remarkably special. Massage therapy is one of the exceptional professions that tears down walls when it comes to these differences people see in each other every day and There are no judgements, or colors. There are no dividing walls between therapists and clients but rather there is a level of trust and acceptance found.

Without these walls, we can show love, and accept each other just as we are. We respect each other’s ability, techniques and we are able to use our minds, AND our hearts to make a lasting impact. I love this about being a therapist.  My hands are His vessel to be a beacon of light in the darkness and bring peace and healing to whoever I treat.

After writing this, I am powerfully reminded that massage therapy has an ability many careers do not have in how we can apply a compassionate and healing touch to our clients.

Published by Kneading Deeper

I am an individual who loves making a difference in people's lives all through being a Licensed Massage Therapist. I started this blog to share my experiences, passion and educate others on the power of therapeutic and medical massage. Thanks for checking this site out!

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