Support, Uplift and Relate… we are all fighting our own battles.

How often it is that we keep ourselves from doing something we know we are meant to do? We fear what the responses may be, and so many times we stop ourselves from pursuing those dreams in the back of our minds that remain there for an absolute reason. We, many times, do not know what direction to go or how to let those dreams take flight. Instead we get caught up in the fears that stop us from ever letting our feet off the ground. We stop. We question. We lack FAITH. I never thought of myself as a dreamer and I never thought I would have such an opportunity to pursue my passions. I can be quite a worrier and overthink just about anything given certain seasons of Life. God has clearly used those moments to remind me of who He is. I have been giving it a lot of thought as to what I should be writing about. I love studying muscles, I enjoy helping others through injuries and educating others on the healing and powerful benefits of massage for so many reasons but ya know, my absolute reason to have this blog, to practice as a CMT and CPT and past instructor is that my hands and my heart speak through all the work God has done. This all belongs to Him. The Lord makes this dream reality and He has orchestrated every step along the way to lead me to this exact place. Here I have been flip flopping and agonizing back and forth as to what needs to be the topic and subject matter of each post. This taught me a lesson in my heart.  My reason and hope in keeping this “journal” is to meet you where you are. Nothing excites me more than the thought of this inspiring just ONE woman out there to feel uplifted, and inspired that God has not finished His work in her. He is sculpting a portrait of Beauty. I believe that each experience molds and shapes, smooths and refines those pieces within us that were once jagged, and sharp. Lord, take me deeper. I want to grasp you even Deeper. I have been a bit reserved in trusting that God is at work to the fullest. I hold back. Lord, Lead me. Allow your glory and light to shine through all darkness. At times, I tend to feel inadequate for the task God has pressed on my heart. So I began to pray, “Make me strong, and confident in your promises. You have brought me into this career to change my life. My hands are your vessel. May this all be a powerful testimony of your work on my heart.  At 29 and not wanting a moment to slip by, use Me for Your Beauty and Kingdom. Life has a way of making us doubt, rejecting us, wanting us to take a hint and stop before things get uncomfortable and things change… and I take it back right now. I’m going to claim victory over these strongholds of doubt and defeat, Lord. Place me where you want me to be, I am ready… So, Take Me Deeper, Lord. You are preparing my heart and there is no telling what is in store!”

Phil 4:19

*Two weeks later, God answered and I was provided a new place to live, a new job, and a the start of a new adventure!*

Published by Kneading Deeper

I am an individual who loves making a difference in people's lives all through being a Licensed Massage Therapist. I started this blog to share my experiences, passion and educate others on the power of therapeutic and medical massage. Thanks for checking this site out!

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