“Reclaim It”


If this post reaches one woman struggling with numbers dictating her progress, basing her everything on that scale as it flashes those digits in her mind at the start of every thought, every interaction and every short coming…

It was worth every Word.

In fact, chances are you MAY feel …

* you have tried all you know you can do to TONE. TIgHTEN. LoSe. ReDefine. Shape. This Lingo could go on forever, literally!

*You prided yourself on never giving up and you are starting to question that phrase you have followed your entire life that you are NO Quitter Ever.

* You know how much you are allowing this numerical, digital “monster” to dictate your happiness, your successes and your true joy because chances are those numbers on a scale hold more in your life and more value than others realize. You feel out of control.

*You Lost the drive and fight in you. BUT YOu are a FIGHTER. u are reaching a dead halt as that important event is approaching and you lost all steam as those numbers showed your hard efforts had worn off and you are thinking, everyone is going to be there, I want to show them my hard work paid off, and prove to them I did it.

*You think your body is made of cement b/c it doesn’t budge a centimeter through this daunting process. Maybe you have hit that dreaded M word no one wants to speak of where your metabolism seems to have slowed to a screeching halt, and you would do anything to trade bodies with the nearest 20-30 year old that you can find thinking “Hey, 50 bucks for your metabolism!… and girl, why are you wearing a jacket, it feels like its 90 degrees in here!””while I’m at it, ill take your buns of steel, and perfect curves. Please and Thank you!”

* everyone and everything you see is convincing you… obviously you aren’t doing enough CARDIO…
you know that is FALSE!!!

We have found ourselves between a rock and a hard place, and we are soon to be trampled by an avalanche of boulders if we don’t see the light shining through that crevasse.

So, let’s try something new. Theres nothing to lose. When something we have been doing doesn’t work for us, we have to switch gears, mixing things up and see if we get better results.

Trust me. I have been there and used much trial and error. Here were some of my greatest “thought errors” I will share that have been placed with their truths/ realities:

Thought: To reduce stress, feel good and lose weight, I must kill my body every time.
Reality: Overtraining causes everything to be thrown out of whack, and can result in disarray, creating a deficit of any balance in your system.
Thought: My metabolism is in permanent hibernation mode and there’s no telling when it will be back… thermogenic?
REALITY: I was under high level of chronic stress that challenged my system from responding properly regardless of the workouts.Thought: The scale isn’t showing results, so i must still be taking in too many calories, and will decrease my daily intake
REALITY: My body was so aware of counting calories and being disciplined I was in “starvation” mode and didn’t know it and cutting out many important food groups * i call this the plastic, cardboard no flavor, low-fat, fat-free kill my taste buds diet.
empty nutrients, empty calories…NO Value.
Thought: I stressed so much over not seeing results and changing my body, I lost focus and just became frustrated, and exhausted.
I was overtraining my body working out for hours a day, beating it up, no rest, and expecting it to fuel me under these circumstances.
REALITY: I needed a swap. I needed sleep and rest. I needed to create a new focus, to try something different, to be ok with recovery and rest in my workouts…
My Clincher: I needed that “out of the box” approach. Something had to change. It was deeper than the scale or workout routine I was tackling. I needed a new perspective.

Sometimes We have to clear out the rough twigs and find those Roots

When did a woman’s value and worth begin with a number after all? when did this piece of equipment rule our mornings, dictating the mood of our week, the mood of our next meal… holding so much control over us?

When did this process shift from wanting change for ourselves to now wanting it ALL to prove to others something, playing the comparison game or what not?

I lose focus. I get sidetracked and I am brought back this process in being reminded that true beauty and strength of a woman lies deeper than the clothes she wears, the size she is or the results she sees in the mirror after a tough workout.

Results we want are about the Drive and determination to get them… The focus we should have in mind is to push ourself and realize we made it farther this time than the last.
As women striving to aim for their own sense of “perfection” we must look beyond what others see at perfect and realize sometimes it’s that “flaw” in someone else’s opinion that is our best attribute because it sets us apart. WE must RECLAIM ourselves when we lose focus even in our own weight loss journey or process of transformation.

Physical strength can only take us so far. WE have to match it with developing perseverance, inner strength, and confidence. We lack confidence when we try to do it all on our own. Dont be afraid of accountability. If More woman would speak truth and keep it real on how they really see this process, there would be more Truths for younger girls to understand early on. Maybe there would be less criticism about young girls bodies, maybe there would be more natural confidence and healthy self-image created as people watch. It’s all about our Focus, and perspective. Lets toss the masks we find it so easy to hide behind and dare to let people see the Raw struggle, the testimony of hard work, and what seems to have become a lost concept in loving ourselves. Most importantly, We hold the worth of belonging to a King who sees our Value and a greater Purpose despite where we see our “flaws and failures”.
I tend to forget every time that scale determines my mood, every time i feel I fall short as I grab a glimpse in the mirror, there is a bigger picture in all this. I think as women, we lose sight of Who we are but more importantly Whose we are. We have a heavenly Father, belong to a King who sees Our true Beauty found in our worth and value. The King is enthralled by your beauty.” Psalm 45:11

We must start reclaiming Truth that has been buried for too long.

Be that hard-working fitness girl, be Brave, Be bold. Be Driven. Be that won’t stop at a little sweat and perseverance until I see results… but don’t be afraid to RECLAIM your Bigger purpose and picture along the Way and switch gears. You  will reach stronger results as you let your sight stretch to the horizon.

Published by Kneading Deeper

I am an individual who loves making a difference in people's lives all through being a Licensed Massage Therapist. I started this blog to share my experiences, passion and educate others on the power of therapeutic and medical massage. Thanks for checking this site out!

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